is a Beta teater for WHmsonic and they are releasing there new
Sonic Panel to use as a beta/alpha copy since they have had to rush production of
it due to cpanel deciding to get greedy and rais their licensing prices on their
product. With that said we will be soon upgrading to Sonic Panel but it will cause
some down time for current customer however there will be some advantages with the new
Sonic Panel for our customers and us!

Sonic Panel will have a lower impact of server resources (meaning better quality of your
Radio servers), it is supposed to allow not only SHoutcast V1 and V2 but for for those of
you who have been wanting Icecast (though will not provide support
for IceCast but if you want it then we will sell it to you). Another feature will be the
server names will not longer have to start with sc_ they can be anything that we want them
to be along with the ability to use a subdomain name to access your server in urls
(no longer needing to use and IP to access your radio panel and said panels will work with
https too for secure safe connections).

They have also improved the way whmsonic operates as in little to no page loads when working
with your controlling your server so its gonna be lighting fast!
SonicPanel also will be including a NEW playlist manager. its rumored that this playlist
will have the ability to play things likes Station IDs, ADS, and possible be able to
do things like play pre-recoded shows (ie what Torchwoodhosting.coms new Auto dj system does
but maybe a little bit better LOL).

We know and understand that during this swap over from Cpanel With whmsonic to Sonic
Panel that things will ruff, please understand that we pride ourselfs on having the least
amount of down time, however in order to install Sonic Panel we have completly wipe and
redo the server to instal Sonic Panel, and that means at a min 3-4 hours down time then we
have to install Sonic Panel and configure it (no estimate on how ling that will take
as will be the FIRST to do this in the US maybe even the world)
What I am tell our customers is that if things go as planned I expect downtime to be
approxmently 1 day, We are making plans and getting things set up to rebuild every
customers radio server, auto dj files, restore your djs usernames and passwords
all while kepping every player, ip and port, and (hopefully) DJ PORT the same for you
as we rebuild and redo each radio we will email each customer to let them know that
they are back up and to give them new radio panel links (hopefully all passwords
will be the same but they will be included in the email too), like I said player
links will remain the same.
Over all I expect with in 1 day everything should be back running as it was before under
the new Sonic Panel!

As of todays date 8/9/19 we are expecting this move to happen on or around the 8/15/19
we will mass email all current active customers via billing with the exact date as
soon as we have it!

Thank you for undertstanding in this matter!