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Taking Radio into the 22nd century!

FEATURES of the New SonicPanel Radio Software

Drop and drag uploader No more having to use slow FTP to upload auto dj, sonicpanel now has a fast Drop and drag uploader
DJ MANAGER With optional DJ Panel access Create DJ accounts and if you want to give them access to a special SonicPanel DJ account page!
If using the Online DJ widget from this panel they can set up their email, Facebook, and instagram links!
DJ On Air Widget This Widget can go on a web site/lounge and when a DJ goes on air it will show their email, FB and Instragram accounts if they are set by the DJ from their DJ panel
Record DJ SHOWS You can now Record your Dj's and download their shows to use with the scheduled play list when a DJ cant be on air you can schedule a show to play in place of the live show!
ShoutCast & Icecast Servers The ability to use Shoutcast 2.6, SHoutcast 2.5, Shoutcast V1, and ICECAST
(Note: Torchwoodhosting will sell ICECAST but we are unable to provide any supprt for it!)
Scheduled Play lists You now have the ability to set up scheduled play lists to play at specified times and days (IE play once, weekly, daily, monthly)
Play Jingles (IE Station Identification), ads, or promos You can now have radio jingles or ads play on your radio server if you want to!

Google Maps If your intrestered in seeing listers on google maps, you can go get a API key from google and activate the feature however be warned after a certain number of requests you can get charged by google!
(I dont reccomend using this at all because of the charges you can rack up from goggle but its your choice if you want this options or not)
Text to voice option Theres also an option from the sonicpanel that will allow you to type a 70 character message and it will say that message on air over whats playing!
Record your voice and insert into stream Panel Owners can now use a New feature which allows them to record their voice from sonic panel and Insert it into the stream!
Sonic Panel Security Security will now allow a max of 5 login tries within a specified amount of time after that your ip will be banned for 1 hour and automatically unbanned after that hour has elapsed, plus they have added ddos, port flooding and other security measures to the system.....

And thats just a few of the new features in it!