Taking Radio into the 22nd century!
About us

On Jan 24,2020 Torchwoodhosting became the first Radio Hosting Company in the US
to use the New SonicPanel! We beta tested on another server then when we felt it
was right and ready to be used in production me made the switch over in less then 6
hours which included rebuilding all of out customers radios!

This goes to show you that not only do we stay on the cutting edge of technology
but we stive to make sure our customers have mininumal down time!

TorchwoodHosting started 10/13/16 because the founder of another company
was screwed over by what he called a friend during a time when he had
No Internet or power (for 3 days) during a hurricane.

The Founder of the other company when he got power back discovered that
he was locked out of everything and was ip banned from a server that he
had been paying on, the other owner stole all his coding work, statbars,
request box's, etc...and even told him that was not gonna be getting any
of his coding or his personal web sites back!

With that said he was asked by a few actual friends to help them get
Torchwoodhosting.com going so here we are today a new hosting site.
Whos #1 goal is to provide excellent customer service and servers to
you our customers.

Since that time we have regained most of our loyal customers and have
been working hard to rebuild our reputation that way destroyed by the
buy who screwed our former company over!

We Pride our self's on treating our customers how we would like to be
if "we" were customers. We Wont over sell you anything, we wont lie to
you (if we don't know the answer or can't fill you needs as a radio
hosting or web hosting company we'll tell you up front) nor will we
ever under any conditions sell your personal billing information
to make a profit on your personal info (like the guy that screwed
our former company name did).
We Want your business and we want to EARN your trust by giving you
the best servers, at the best prices, with the best customer service
that we can provide! No other Hosting company tries and does give
this kind of customer care!